For a long time, no one knew what caused it, and it was hard to diagnose.  Medications had a hit or miss
success rate.  Treatment options for individuals diagnosed with the disorder were limited at best.  There
wasn't a very strong bright side to bipolar disorder.  But more is being learned every day.
My name is Ann.  I am unapologetically
open and public about my bipolar
disorder diagnosis.  I have a few
thoughts on the matter of the
associated stigma, and because I'm not
the only person who deals with the
challenges of facing a judgmental world,
I share many of those thoughts with you
here in this website.

There are a lot of people in my life who
suggest that I
not put my face out there,
asking, "do you really want to be that
public?"  The answer is, "No, I really

But I want to help make a dent in  public
perspective on the disorder.  Media in
our culture reflects the extreme and
violent mental health cases, such as the
theatre shooting at the Batman premier,
and other incidents.

I want to show another face - the one
that is more common.  The peaceful,
loving, caring, and giving people... who
on occasion suffer from periods of
extreme difficulty.
Bipolar Disorder

"My tides were fluctuating — back and forth — sometimes so fast they seemed to be spinning"  ~ Jane Pauley
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