Bipolar Disorder

"My tides were fluctuating — back and forth — sometimes so fast they seemed to be spinning"  ~ Jane Pauley
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Severe Depression

Suicidal Ideation

Bipolar disorder is a mental health diagnosis which includes two main components: Depression
Mania.  This website attempts to help with  understanding the diagnosis and management
options.  It also aims to inspire individuals living with the disorder. It is possible to find balance,
support, and options for treatment and manage what can become an obstacle to many.  You are
alone with this life challenge.  And you can prevail over it.
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This website is designed for those who are new to bipolar disorder who want more information
about their diagnosis, those who want to learn more about the mental health field and the options/lack
of options that are available to a loved one, and not lastly for those who are familiar already and may
find some of the links interesting and perhaps helpful.

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